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              我廠秉承:生產一代、研發一代、儲備一代的經營發展理念,認真貫徹IATF 16949:2016質量體系,全面推行6S管理,本著以人為本、以客為尊、以質取勝、精益求精的質量方針,不斷開拓,努力創新,以科技為導向,視質量為生命,齊心協力、全民皆兵、自強不息,倡導我們是一家人的文化理性,全面建立具有我廠特色的企業文化,用工匠精神,朝著做好而精的企業目標堅實的邁進,竭誠與客戶攜手努力、同步研發、合作共贏、共同前進。

              Ningbo RongZhiJie Electronics Co.. Ltd. is located at east area of industrial park of Guanhaiwei town. Ningbo City: with good environment and convenient transportation. It is privately owned and has been awarded as Cixi New Technology Based Firms.Creation and Growth.it covers 20.000 square meiers , over 40 million fixed capital and 150 employee.

              Our company has our own advantage in the creation and research capacity and got more than ten invention patents and twenty new practical patents . and admitted as National Torch Program of China , we are product design and manufacture team, main products are combination switch for automotive, glass lifter and all kinds of panel control switch etc switches. More than 500 series of products, brand, and domestic Geely. FAW, FAW. leading electric vehicles, Zhidou electric vehicles. Jinpeng electric vehicles. Kangdi electric vehicles. Hongan new energy. Eca electric vehicles. Hebei New Universe. Jianghuai automobile. Guangzhou Automobile. Huachen automobile. Jiangsu Daojue, Beijing Automobile Yinxiang and other major engine factories directly matched. Set. and we are the main supplier of Geely, we've won good social and economic profits.

              Our factory adheres to the management and development concept of production generation. R&;D generation and reserve generation, earnestly implements the IATF 16949:2016 quality system, comprehensively implements the 6S management, and continuously develops, strives to innovate, takes technology as the guide, takes quality as the life, in line with the quality policy of people—oriented customer-oriented, quality-winning and excellence. With concerted efforts, all the people are united and strive for self-improvement, we advocate that we are a family of cultural concepts, establish a comprehensive corporate culture with the characteristics of our factory, with the spirit of craftsmen, toward a sound and refined corporate goals solid progress, dedicated to working with customers, synchronous research and development, win-win cooperation, and common progress.

              手機:0574-63637102                 電話: 0574-63637102
              網址:www.lfzhongfei.com              地址:觀海衛鎮工業東區海通北路38號